Sup guys! My name is Silver and this is just a random place I hang around in. For now, I'm not sure what it will be in the future ^^;
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 Rita Tribe RP

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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:09 pm

Like a Star @ heaven ooc/Savanah/ I was going to wait until all the packs gave their answer. That way there`s not one group getting wayyyy ahead and whatnot.
ooc/Savanah/ I think first Khelia wants to get a defiant answer from all the tribes.
Speaking of which, I`m going to send Camin to Nalbina to tell them C:

Like a Star @ heaven

Gunnolf`s eyes swept to the newcomer. Right away he knew that the brute carried a high authority with him. And the way he was standing by Vida made it clear she was his.
Shanegra took a deep breath, drinking in the vampire`s scent. She glanced him over. He`d come all this way without stopping? Scents of the whole continent flowed across his fur. If he did stop, it had been brief. He really had to want something if he`d come all this way and in such haste.

Vida greeted Janto'Qa with a smile and a nod, "This is Gunnolf, Alpha of Krvopija, he wants our help." she said to basically sum up the previous conversation.

Camin had left the pack during the same time as Frost and Gunnolf. Out of all the packs, the Nalbina`a were the only one he was unsure of. Rumors had spread about them, saying they were blo d thirsty creatures that didn`t take kindly to visitors. Hopefully that wasn`t true.
His paws fell softly and lighting on the ground, steps in haste, but not yet at a run or a jog. His eyes swept the surronding area. He quickly became bored and started to hum softly to himself, raising his legs higher so he was prancing like a fawn. He had no idea where he was going.

((Poor Camin and his short attention span xD))

Camin`s head twitched to the side and he paused, leg frozen in mid-air. What had /that/ been?
Camin shook his head. Whatever it was, he didn`t like the sound of it.
Lowering his leg to the ground, he fixed his ears and senses to where the sound had come from. What was that thing? He took a cautious step forward.

((Curiosity killed the Camin xP ))

Just as Camin had taken that step forward another rageful roar came from the brush, it made crows and other flying creatures erupt from the trees and fly away. A large gray bone paw stepped out from the brush.

"There it is again, we`d better go check it out. It`s probably a whickcat stuck under a root crying. You know how they hate noises when they`re sleeping" Kitune replied standing up and walking down the stone path that reached into the forest opening. "Yeah, wake one you wake all of them." Scarleta chuckled following after her sister.

Camin stopped, drawing back. He fixed his eyes on the paw, then slowly looked up to see what it belong to. He gulped, taking in a quick breath. That thing didn`t seem too friendly. He took a careful step back, ears plastered to his skull. Those roars were loud. Maybe he would luck out and it wouldn`t hurt him...
Camin muttered a low growl, taking another careful step back, body tense and low to the ground, ready to bolt.

Camin`s wavering growl turned to a snarl. What were these things? Quickly, he spun around, pushing his back paws to the ground, flinging mud into the creature`s eyes.
He paused slightly, seeing the two feas. Taking a quick glance over his shoulder, he decided it was a better beat to run toward them.
He bolted toward the females, both suspicion and question in his eyes. And fear. Lots of fear.

Scarleta darted infront of the hellhounds as one snarled and roared in pain for the mud had clouded his eyes. "It`s alright, deary. It`s alright." Scarleta brushed the dirt from its eyes in a soothing voice. "You`re fine, nothing to worry about. Go back to sleep now." And just like that the skull creature roared softly and turned its back on her walking back into the brush the others following.

Camin`s steps slowed until he came to a stop. How had those things been tamed so easily? he wondered.
He fixed his eyes on the female that had stopped it. He should probably be running for his life, but there was no fun in that. Who were these strangers?

"I didn`t mean to," Camin growled, plastering his ears against his head. He didn`t like these females so far. Yeah, they`d saved his life. But the seemed to think too highly of themselves. "And I`m not a Nalbinian either."
He lifted his ears slightly. "Actually, I came looking for them. Do you know where they are?" he asked, his voice loosing its growl and turning back to his usual chatter.

"Puh, you`re looking at`em. If you`re here for Karma then please come this way. We'll talk about proper introduction later." Kitune turned on her back paws and darted off back to the forest clearing. "Come now deary." Scarleta turned and followed after Kitune.

This was them? Camin thought. Neh, not the most interesting, but whatever. As long as they stayed away from those scary creatures.
Camin quickly followed the two females, paws dancing lightly over the ground. He`d force himself to be quiet this time. Even if it killed him.
And it would.

Walking along the stone path into the clearing where all the wolves of the pack layed down on rocks, or on the stone floor. "Here we are." Kitune replied glaring eyes stared at Camin warning him to stay away

Camin flattened his ears to his head once again. These feas did have issues. "`Kay," he replied, sitting down and swishing his tail to the side. "I need to speak to your alpha."

"Uh, you guys are sorta in my space," Camin said, looking at the two brutes. Seemed like this whole pack had issues.
Camin slowly stood up, starting for the den, glacning over his shoulder at the two odd brutes that looked so alike.
Zera glared at Camin as he passed, her eyes telling him he wasn`t welcome.
Looks like they don`t know about Karma`s plan, Zera thought to herself. The idiot vampire might be mauled to death.

Pardon us, sorry for blocking your way." They replied hissed with evil smiles as they walked past Camin. "Hurry up vampire, I haven't go all day." Karma snarled his ears flat against his head as he waited for Camin to walk into the den.

Camin gave an irritated glance to the two brothers. Didn`t seem like any of the wolves here were too kind.
The vampire stopped once he reached the inside of the den. Turning to face Karma, he tilted his head to the side. "I have a feeling I`m not welcomed," he muttered, sounding serious for once. "So I`ll make this brief. I know you must already know about the Earthern packs and whatnot. Do you want to help us?"

Zera stood up, stretching lightly. Padding slowly over to the den, she paused outside the entrance, hidden from view, but close enough to hear what was going in.

"Of course friend, of course. You know we're always more than happy to help." Karma smiled looking at Camin. "Now you go and tell your alpha Gunnolf that we'll be helping in that war of his." He added with the same smile on his face.

"Really?" Camin asked, delighted. His tail swished to the side. Wow. That had been fast.
"Oh, uh... how do I get out of here without getting eatin`?"

Yes, yes we'll help." His body shifted from side to side as he stared at him. "Just walk North from here and you'll find your way out." Karma replied. "I'm sure a smart kid like yourself can find his way out right?" His eye brow raised at Camin.

Shear watched silently through the exchange. When it was over he flicked his ears. This wolf wasn't used to dealing with a pack like his apparently.

During the entire conversation, Jhutchu had been watching and listening with almost no real intrest. But once Karma agreed so cheerfuly to help the vampire, she narrowed her eyes in puzzlement. Was he agreeing to help this stranger for something planned out? Yes, that sounded like him, but just what did he have in mind by sideing with both the Vamps and the Arizams? She stifled her toughts and went back to listening and watching.

Berkel's ears pricked up as two of the other pups began to wake up. Slowly, he padded over to them and sat down, "We have a visitor, so be polite and stay quiet." he instructed carefuly. "If need be, we'll send some of our Eushos with you. Along with Campana and Onua for healing." said Tiah,"Those wolfs you speak of are extremely close to the Great Oak." she added.

"Some action?" Blackice muttered. "Seems like this is actually getting interesting."
Anela`s ears twitched toward her alpha, catching her words. She didn`t like the idea of fighting... but if they didn`t help....
Solana rolled her eyes at BlackIce. "Why is it you only take interest in somthing when it involves war?"
Blackice merely glanced at her. "Why is it you ask so many questions?"

sunny (( Some of the posts had to be deleted because my computer was blocking the Guild Board. So if some of it doesn't make sense...blame it on my Security System Very Happy )) sunny
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:53 am

ooc// Oh, pkay. I thought some posts must have been missing. Cause the hellhounds kinda came outa nowhere. lol Smile Oh, so the time skip thing /has/ happened? Does that mean Janto and Vida's pups are 2 weeks old now? //

Janto nodded at what his m@te said then turned his large head to inspect this other alpha. He reeked of vampire and many different places all mixed together, he must have traveled here quickly. What would he want help with so fast?
"And what would you like our help /for/ exactly?" He asked noticing Vida hadn't mentioned the reason this vampire wanted their help.
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:57 am

Flake nodded obdiently(sp?) to Berkle though her curious mind was busting full of questions she wanted answers to. Who was the visitor? What did they want? They rarely had anyone new come into this parts. Blizzard shook his head and managed to wake himself up looking around, barely catching what Berkle had said. He rose into a sitting position beside his sister.
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Tue Mar 10, 2009 6:44 pm

ooc// Yes, it has happened. We're only playing the packs until they all give an answer, then we'll get Rita to the Great Oak.//

"Well, yes," Camin replied, tail swishing back and forth. "I know the way. But those creatures. The ones that look like they shouldn`t be here, but rather in the underworld. How do I get past them?"

Zera shook her head. Were all of the vampires this stupid? If so, they all deserved to perish.

"You don't make a sound. It's pretty simple vampire." Khan replied his eyes narrowed at Camin like he was gonna rip him in half. "Now go on boy and deliver the message." Karma moved his right paw in a way that made it seem he was shooing Camin away.

Camin tilted his head to the side. Actually, that was hard for him.
None the less, he turned to leave the den, trotting past Zera.

The fea narrowed her eyes as he past, giving her a sideways glance. "Keep on going, vampyer," she growled. "Just don`t get ahead of yourself."
"Gee, thanks," Camin muttered. Gesh, they were a happy pack.

"Zera." Karma called to the fea a smile on his face as he watched Camin walk away. Khan stood next to Karma with a raised eyebrow and walking over to the rest of the small group was Gink and Blink.

"Yes, Karma?" Zera asked, slowly turning around to face her alpha, forcing herself to not roll her eyes. What could he want now?
Should she be feeling guilty, wondering if he`d caught her snooping? Most likely. But at this point she didn`t care anymore

"When he get's to the forest center chase him out, but don't kill him. I will not have any vampires in my forest. Especially a creature that dumb." Karma replied his voice low so only the group around him could hear.

"Why even let him go? Surely we`ll be doing Gunnolf a favor by getting rid of him," Zera replied casually, as if talking about the weather. "Maybe he sent him here because he knew that we weren`t the bunch."

"Fine, do whatever you like with him, juts make sure he doesn't squeal if you decide to keep him alive, got it?" Karma replied with the same low yet casual tone with a a curled evil grin still plastered on his face.
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Wed Mar 11, 2009 12:55 am

ooc// okee! =D //

Flake flicked her ears forward to try and catch what all the adults were talking about. She didn't understand why they'd agreed to help the vampire pack, she'd heard stories of them but never seen one. If they were all like that one it was a surprize they weren't exstint. Blizzard whas bored now that the vampire had left and he glanced around the clock tower den looking for something to do.
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Wed Mar 11, 2009 6:53 pm

ooc// Emma, Rita's getting moved from Neopets to a new site. I'm getting sick and tired of that place.
The new place is a HUGE Working in progress, and I won't be showing the whole guild until I get it all finished up.
Here's the link:


Please only post in the RP forum ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:34 am

occ// Oh cool! So is the Rp paused for the moment or something til the new site is up and running? //
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:59 am

ooc// I'll be focussing most of my attention getting the site finished. But I'd like the packs to give all their answers before we move. I'll have to see if I can drag Khelia on, or maybe bring her over the weekend.
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Thu Mar 12, 2009 6:05 pm


ooc// I think that`ll be nice, Savvy :3

Sorry for the POOF (again)
SAVANAH, you must kidnap me again this weekend. I demand it.

And I`ll attempt to help it the forum. But I don`t know HTML, so I can just cheer from the background if you want ^^;//

"That would be wonderful," Frost replied, a grin spreading across her face. "Your graciousness will not be forgotten."
Her eyes swept the rest of the pack and saw some of them were still not as inviting to the idea. Well, she couldn`t win the trust with all of them.

Gunnolf sighed. He probably wasn`t going to win them over. "I`m not sure if you know this, but long story short; there`s a pack who is attempting to take control over us. He`s already sent some of his pack members to another planet to make his pack stronger. After that, he plans on taking all of us one by one.
My pack has greatly dwitdled over the past few years," Gunnolf continued. "We can`t stop them by ourselves. Not only is my family in danger - but those who are native to the other planet - Earth- and, soon, the rest of Sabado," He paused, locking his eyes with the alpha male. "We need warriors. I come not only for the safety of my pack, but for everyone."

Maya growled as she made her way through the thick underbrush. Camin and his idiotic self. Probably already dead.
She swore as her fur caught in yet another branch, then quickly yanked it free, sensing the brute`s presence. He wasn`t supposed to leave alone. Didn`t he know how dangerous this place was?
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:25 am

ooc// Keep us updated with how the new sites going! Don't forget! //

Janto`Qa nodded, frowning slightly. This was surprizing news, he knew a few rumors from passers-by about the other packs including this vampire's pack but new wolves from 'Earth'?! He didn't like getting mixed up in other packs troubles and taking sides but this would affect them too if what this other alpha said was true. They would come in the end. Finally Janto nodded to Gunnolf. "When needed, our warriors will aid you and the others against this threatening pack." He said loudly so the rest of the pack could hear too then he addressed onyl Gunnolf again, lowering his voice to a conversational tone. "When will this 'Earth pack' arrive then? When will our warriors be needed to fight?" The large green brute started sorting the new imformation and the buzzing questions in his head so he could think straight.
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:40 am

((Will do, Emma!))

Camin pranced happily along, paws light. It was hard not to make a sound, but her refrained from humming. He probably could beat those things, but he didn`t want to get wounded or tired before the fight. What good would he be then?

"Fine," Zera growled under her breath, stalking off, not caring who followed her.
Zen shook his head, hesitating, then quickly followed after his sister. Vampire fury could be a bit of a problem - no matter who had it.

Shear turned invisable and followed them into the forest. He could scent where the other wolves had been so it wasn't hard to follow them.

A smirk spread across Zera`s face. "He didn`t seem too fond of our lil` hounds. Give him a bit of a chase, then take him down. Just make sure he doesn`t slither away and tattle to his alpha."

"Understood." They both smirked disappearing into the brush. In minutes they found the sleeping skelldons, it was a rather small group though. "Must be scouters taking a break, brother. We should wake them now." Gink started while Blink finished the two still smiling as they bite the bony hides of the skelldons and then running back into the thicket. Their blo ody eyes shot open glaring at the slightest sounds they heard, the one that was the loudest was the one that could be heard moving not far away. Evyokry, the elite scout and beta of the skelldons turned his attention on the moving creature, Camin, following him out of the thicket was the scout army.

ooc// Operation Kidnap complete -no tags here-)
Khelia: -waves-
I`ll be with my mom this week, so I think I might be able to get on more ^^

Zera grinned. This was going to be fun.

Camin paused as he caught the slightest sound of something running. Pausing, he titled his head forward. It was getting louder.
Dread washed over him as he realised that those hounds were after him again.
Breaking in a sprint, Camin dashed for his life, paws flying over the hard ground.

Half of the group ran in front of Camin, trying to bring him to a stop while the other behind him tried to circle around him. All of them were drooling and growling as they towered over the small vampire, their fiery manes danced in the slight breeze and paws pounded the ground making small earth shakes.

Maya came to a stop, pricking her ears forward as she caught the sound of thudding feet. She swore. Not only was she dealing with those demon wolves, but now their little hounds. Or, big was more like it.
"Goddess Nyx, past alphas. Spirits of the lost, mother and father! Help me!" she whispered, fear closing around her chest, making it hard to breath. Camin was gone if she didn`t help him. She was dead if she stayed here much longer. They were both dead if she tried to save them. She was no match.
She shivered, a tingle rocketing down her spine. Why had it suddenly gotten so cold? She spun around, catching her breath. A swirling mist began to form, taking the shape of a wolf.
Maya stood, paralyzed in fear as the mist became more clear, showing the lean figure of a female wolf. Although she was mostly transparent, two dimand eyes were set on Maya.
"My Daughter. I heard your call. Leand me your body so we can save my Son."
Maya`s mouth fell open. "Alpha Mishca?!" she whispered. The past female alpha. Gunnolf and Frost`s mother. Their DEAD mother.
"Yes, my Daughter," the spirit whispered, her voice pure and rich. Unnatural and heavenly. "Please. There isn`t much time."
Maya nodded, still shocked. She`d been able to summon Mishca?
"Thank you, Daughter," Mishca whispered, her voice carried by the wind. (c)

The mist swirled once again, the wolf leaped at Maya, disappearing as it faded into her chest.
Maya gasped in shock and staggered forward, feeling as if ice had just grasped her lungs and heart.
Maya`s golden eyes flashed, fading to a pooling silver that shined like a precious diamond.

It was odd to be in a mortal body once again. And it wasn`t hers.
She had Maya`s own physical abilities. Her back leg was sore, a rock webbed deeply into her paws. She wasn`t much of a runner, either.
But Mishca still had her own mental strength, that including the extra power death had given her.
She thundered over the ground, but her footsteps barely touched the ground. Her ears pointed forward, catching even the slightest sound.
The female suddenly veered right, launching into an less worn path. She could hear Camin`s racing heart. She could feel the fear in him.
Anger washed over her. No one dared to mess with her children.
She veered once again, lunging at a hound, sinking her teeth deeply into his flesh.
Quickly she released him, the taste of blo d thick in her mouth.
Leaping to the side, she caught another by the leg, crunching down with her jaws, snapping it in half.
Only these creatures had done nothing wrong. They knew no better. Snarling, Maya/Mishca released the beast and jumped in front of Camin, who had stopped running once she had started attacking. "COWARDS," she snarled, her voice powerful and deadly. Unnatural. "Show yourselves!"

Zera was watching from a distance, but she could still see the strange blue vampire dramma. Something wasn`t right about her. "Gink, Blink," she hissed. "Let`s get out of here."
As she turned to leave, a source of power washed over her, freezing her in place. She gasped, ice seizing her lungs and heart. She knew the two brothers would most likely face the same fate.
Mishca growled, glaring at the hounds around her. "Call them off," she snarled. "Or you will die with them."

"Brother!" Blink shouted, his brother stood in a frozen state. "We would call them off it we could." Gink replied his breath an icy fog in front of him. "But if you kill us, Karma will have no choice but to wage war against you."

"Maya...?" Camin whispered, scared out of his wits.
"No, honey. Please be quiet," Mishca whispered to him. She eyes stayed set on the three wolves. "You`re `alpha` nor your kind never scared us," Mishca snarled. "They were at least decent when Spirit ran. Karma is no better than our past brothern, Ivor."
Her eyes narrowed. Slowly, the ice gripping them from the inside retracted slightly, allowing them to move. Their nerves would fry if she did it again.
"Get rid of them," she snarled. "And leave."
Zera was still forzen in place. Seemed like the crazy fea didn`t trust her.

Gink looked over at Blink and nodded slightly as they looked at the skulldons. They were terribly angry with been woken up, Gink along with Blink walked into the center of the circle where Camin was pushing him roughly out. "It`s over now, you are safe, that vampire won`t bother you anymore." Both of them replied their voices sounded hypnotizing as the skulldons slowly walked away into the brush. "Zera!" They both cried running over to the female, Blink hid behind her.

Maya/Mishca was already turning to leave. "Get your so called alpha and let him deal with her," she growled. "He should know not to mess with my children now."
Zera`s eyes widened as needle sharp pain stabbed at her lungs. She took in a gasping breath, eyes wide with fear. "What`s happening?!" she whispered to the brothers. She still couldn`t move and the pain was getting worse.
She let out another gasping breath as unbearable pain shot through her whole body. Legs folding under her, she clambered to the ground in a heap. "Blink! Get Karma!"

"Come along, child," Mishca ushered to Camin. "We have one last pack to visit. I don`t think Maya will mind if I borrow her body for a little longer."
Camin nodded, not daring to speak. This couldn`t be real.
He dashed after Mishca, not looking back. The war had officially began.

Gink layed down by Zera and he shot a warning glance to his brother. "Hurry!" Gink shouted as Blink darted off toward the den. "Karma! Karma!!!" Blink screamed his voice could be heard throughout the forest. Back at the den Karma`s ears perked as he heard the shouting, his eyes narrowing as he walked out of the den. Blink dashed down the stone path and stopped all the wolves looked at him with questioning eyes. "I-i-i-it`s Zera, sh-sh-she`s in trouble!" Blink replied. "Those dammed vampires." Karma growled as he followed Blink back to the area.

((Kimmie, does we smell a crush?
Savanah: What do you mean we? You asked
Khelia: Fine. Khelia wants to know ._.))

"Gink, who was that?" Zera whispered. She shivered. That kind of power was unnatural. She tried to move to leg, but it barely twitched. She growled under her breath. Karma should be like this. it had been his idea, not hers.

((Kim))OoC:// Oh yush.
I smell crush muffins all around.

"I think it was Gunnolf and Frost`s mother, but that couldn't be possible she died long ago." Gink replied his eyes held fear as his ears folded back when her heard the sound of paw pads. "See, there she is, she`s in p-p-p-pain!" Blink replied his eyes holding fear too. "Okay, okay calm down Blink, and now Zera tell me where it hurts the most." Karma stood over her the others had followed.

ooc// Yes! Khelia was right =3
Oh, and Savanah forgot she sent Zen off with Zera. So just forget he went. He might trail after Karma.

"I don`t feel any pain," Zera muttered. "I just can`t move. It`s like she froze me from the inside..." Wow, that really did sound far fetched. But from what she knew, Frost had ice powers. It was very likely...
Her eyes left Gunnolf for a moment and she caught sight of her brother hiding in the shadows.
She sighed. "Karma, a fea came here. It wasn`t natural. I think that we should stay out of the war," she whispered, fear catching in her voice. She`d never felt so vulnerable in her life. She couldn`t move. She couldn`t fight.

"Alright, alright." Karma replied his paw placed on her leg, push down only a tad. " It must have been the spirit of Mischa, that dumb frozen female, she`s been in Ivor`s way for too long," Karma paused, " she only froze you legs and numbed your heart. You`ll be fine after some rest. Gink get her back to the den." Gink stood up behind her nudging his head under Zera to lift her on his back.

"That`s one powerful spirit," Zera muttered under her breath.
Zen smirked, trotting up to Gink. "I thought for sure Blink was bluffing when he came running in saying you were in trouble."
Zera`s face flammed. "I`m not going to hear the end of this, am I?" she grumbled.

"You can say that again..." Gink paused a smile curled his lips again as he chuckled at Zera's comment. "But at least you`re alright." His tail wagging along with Blink's tail.

Zen smirked and turned his head so Zera wouldn`t see him. But, as always, she did.
"If I could hit you right now, I would," she growled to her brother. "Just you wait."
"I`ll be counting down the minutes," Zen replied, prancing ahead. "Have fun."

ooc// Okay. Get ready for a flood of combined posts.
Khelia: I gots to leave soon and we`re going to try and get most of this out of the way. That way we can get an answer from all of the packs and then move over to the new site. Council members, Savanah is planning on neomailing you some info that you`ll need to do for the transfer of your native packs.
That being said, there`s a good number of lists that need to be updated. now would be the time. Also, any dead characters, neomail what native pack their in and who`s in charge so they can remove them. I know for a fact that Savanah and I are getting rid of some wolves. We`ll post them in a bit and if anyone wants to grab their designs, do so, otherwise they`ll be killed off in the fight at the Great Oak.//
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:55 am

ooc// So wait what? Neutral I'm confused. Just post here for me instead of neomailing blah de blah. But what am I supposed to do since I'm here? I do have the lists of my characters here though. So what are we doing with that again? 0.o scratch //
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:57 am

Has gunnolf replied? And can someone explain the last combined alot post about moving sites?

(don't post this)
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:19 am

ooc// No, he didn't. Khelia's mom stole her before we could get anything done :<

Basically, you'll need to transfer what's on your petpage to the new site. But you might not be able to do that until you get home. When are you coming home, Emma?

The other thing was just about dead characters. I have way too many -_-;
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:53 pm

That`s the thing," Gunnolf replied with some uncertainty. "Time is, as of now, of the essence. Which is why I came as such haste here. It could be a few days before Ivor makes his move. There isn`t time to waste."
It was going to be a long run back. He mentally sighed. He didn`t like being this far from his pack. He could usually always feel their presence - but at this distance it was gone. It left him feeling empty, alone, and vulnerable. He trusted Lex, but there was still some part of this mind that told him things could go wrong too easily...

Vida had been running the new information in her head over and over again. There were earth packs in Sadayo. Who was in them? What if there were wolfs that she used know among them? Would they all be killed? If that was their fate, then she would have known that it would happen before hand, she would have been able to stop it. The fea held back a sigh as she decided that if she ever wanted to live with herself, she'd have to do something to help. Anikova remained where she stood, transfixed by the seriousness that had enveloped the most playful of packs. Vida gave a short nod,"Janto, whatever you decide must be decided now. There isn't much time."

"Moonsong, sweetie, I think it'd be best if we didn't go thinkin so negative." said Vosce in a slight attempt to make the conversation easier to talk about. Luz and Noche nodded their agreement, "You should be more focused on the 'yes or no' question rather than the 'what if'. We don't need that right now since we don't even know what we'll do." said Luz while Rayo sat next to him, doodling on the moist earth with his claws.

Moonsong sighed. "No, it`s not something that we want to talk about. But it has to be done. As in the `yes or no`, I`ve already made up my mind. I`m not forcing anyone to aid with the vampires, nor against them for that matter."

"So...its a free for all?" asked Tormento with an almost unhearable edge. Vosce detected it and imidiately hushed him with her tail. Luz and Noche exchanged a quick glance, as if trying to decide what to choose between helping a pack that they weren`t conftrable with, joining to attack them, or staying at home. From withing the den Kiriley and Rio did the same but they did so more swiftly.

"If you put it that way, yes.. it is," Moonsong muttered.
"`Song, I don`t even see why you want to get involved-" Michi started, trying once again to get her to change her mind. But he was cut off.
"How many times do I have to tell you this world doesn`t revolve around us?!" Moonsong thundered, spinning around and snapping her jaws in front of Michi`s nose. "Yes, our parents would not be dead if they hadn`t left that night. But who`s to say that the Arizams would have gotten bored and attacked us? The future has no set course, Michi! If we just ignore this, it doesn`t mean it`s going to go away!" She paused, panting. Then, she lowered her voice so it was barely audible. "It won`t go away," she murmured again. "Putting it off now will only make it worse in the end."
With that, she jumped off the rock and silently stomped off, disappearing into the darkness of the den.

"Lets go honey, I think it's about time we went off to grave a bite." murmured Vosce to her brother in a solemn tone before the two trotted off. Luz got up and nudge his younger brother into the den, "Go take a nap." he said to whic Rayo responded, "Ok, boss..." All around the zebrafoxes slowly began to slip into different directions without saying much. Kiriley padded over to Michi, slightly hasitant, "You had a good point, but so did your sister. I think maybe you should try to look at things from different points of view....its only a suggestion though." she said almot embarassed.

"Yes, I know she has a good point," Michi muttered. "And that`s what annoys me the most."
A smile suddenly broke across his face. "She tries to be wonder woman. Thinking she can make the world better." The grin faded. "But she can`t. Sometimes there`s nothing we can do about it. I just... I don`t want her to get hurt."
His eyes drifted to Kiriley and he grinned once again. "Now I`m starting to sound like an old man. Geez, I think this seriousness stuff is rubbing off on me."

Kiriley smiled, "Its good to be well rounded you know. Now you can be goofy when everything is normal, and serious when things like this happen....I just wish stuff like this never happened..." she muttered, the smile she had been wearing seconds ago fadeing.
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:50 am

ooc// Yeah, I wanna get rid of a few of mine I don't use much. So they'll die in the big fight? Okay, um...Its the 8 week of school I think and this is an 11 week term so about 3/4 more weeks. But yeah, I go home for easter but then I never go back. Sad We're moving so yeah, last holidays at 'home' then I have no home. Kinda depressing but I dunno if I'll have much time on the computer then. //

(Note to Savanah) Um, Savanah I could let you onto my acount and get all the HTML off my aquadikte pack page to transfer it or something. Do I need to change the coding or anything? 0.o //

Janto nodded at Vida's words, she was right. And he knew the trouble this other pack would cause them in the end. He nodded once again to Gunnolf this time. "Yes, we will fight beside you against the Arizams, any of us who are old enough and able will." There it was said; the peaceful Aquadiktes were now enrolled,in the war.
Louve stood on the sandy den floor, just under the overhanging sandy-earth roof tangled with dry roots. She had her ears flicked forward listening to the conversation between the alphas but still keeping the five pups at the back of the den in sight, as she had been since Vida had run outside leaving them with the young brown fea. A war? There had never been one in her lifetime, that the Aquad's had been involved in at least. There had always seemed to be bickering and threats between the other packs clustered together up north but now there was a real war, the word made Louve shiver; afterwards some of the members might not be with them...
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Tue Mar 17, 2009 5:59 pm

ooc// Nah. I can just copy and paste :3
Yeah, the coding is different. It'll just be easier for me to start from scratch. And sorry to hear that :c

From Board:

(Savanah) ooc// Okay, Khelia`s mom swept her away before we could get anything done. So I`ve stolen permission to get the basic rp down. Don`t hurt me, Leaf!
-ducks and runs for cover-

Suprsingly, the two vampires had no problem reaching the Moon Tribe territory before dusk.
"Mishca?" Camin asked tentatively after hours of silence. They had eased from their rapid escape to an easy jog.
It was odd having her with him. Like Gunnolf, he`d still been a young fledgling when she was alive. Not old enough to fight. The memory of that night still angered him - forced to run away while his parents were ruthlessly murdered along with half of the pack.
When Mishca gave him a questioning look, he just shook his head. "Nevermind," he muttered, turning his eyes back to the path ahead. He had the urge to run back to his familiar land, but it was obvious that none of his other packmates had been around for a while. They were probably already staking out the Great Oak.
But what if the Arizams were there waiting?
No, he thought angerly. Nothing had happened to them. And Frost and Gunnolf could take care of themselves.
His senses snapped back to the present when he realised that the scent of the foxes was getting stronger. It was only a short while later he caught sight of a black male with flaming stripes and a purple and pink fea.

Michi shivered, a sudden chill coming over him. He directed his eyes toward the source, then growled. So they`d shown up.
Camin grinned. "Hey. Where`s Moonsong?"
"She`s not going to be bothered at this time," Michi growled, hoping the brute caught the hint he wasn`t welcome by him. His eyes shifted to the blue and white fea. There was something strange about her...
"Then will can we?" Camin pressed, unaffected by Michi`s hostile glare.
"We already know the plan. And the descion was already made."
"Really? Great!"
Michi forced himself to not roll his eyes. "Some of us are going to help."
"I don`t know. Speak to them yourself. But I`m not," Michi growled.
"What are you? A pup?" Michi snapped. "Stop asking so many questions."

((Poor Camin xP He`s so clueless))

(Savanah) ooc// I`ll finish that in a second. Just a quick look at characters I don`t want anymore. So, feel free to snatch them up - just tell me. You can steal their designs and remake them - whatever.

Yamela, Killean

Characters going UFA;
Meaning I want someone to play them, but if not, I`ll keep doing it myself

Anela, BlackIce, Shanegra, Zen

I have too many characters. I get their personalities all mixed up and forget that I even have them x_x. So if you want one, grab them now.

Also, Reto`s are going to be getting play ASAP. So get them in! There`s still one free design - a brown brute with green markings.
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:45 am

ooc// Um, okay. So will you do it or me now or me when I get home? 0.o lol,I love Camin! xD //
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Thu Mar 19, 2009 6:45 pm

ooc// We'll see how long it takes me to get all of Rita, Reto, and Moon Tribe up xD;


Kiriley's ear moved backwards and her eyes widened, she had never seen a vampire before, and to come so unnoticed by any of the others! The fea then took a couple of steps back. She had never been a skilled fighter and would never dream of challanging another wolf. Michi has already made his point, Kiriley tought, maybe they'll leave and not even look for Moonsong..

Kai: (( I still can't read anything on the board at home. But I'm using the School computer right now ^^ ))

Bekka crawled towards a small bug and tryed swat it with one of her tiny paws. The pup then started to try and catch it but did a terrible job at it. The young fea then sat down and let out a sigh when she got tired, her brother, Mao, did it on his first try. Bekka rolled her eyes which she had learned how to do from watching the adults.
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Sat Mar 21, 2009 3:54 pm

ooc// Offical move;

All native packs have said yes but Nalbina.
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:51 pm

ooc// Emmo? You there
We've moved to the website;
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:41 pm

Here! Can you give the address again? The other one isn't working! Says no site exists or wrong spelling and bleh. Bin at home moving the past 4 days. Quick! Site address! -bounces-
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Fri Mar 27, 2009 4:59 am

There's no S at the end, that's what's wrong with the one on neo. This one's right.
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YAY! I can get onto the site! Very Happy But I tried to register so I can post but it won't let me. When I try top log in my acount isn't active and I havn't gotten the e-mail yet? Are you the one that sends it to me? 0.o Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: Rita Tribe RP   Sat Mar 28, 2009 5:30 am

No. Some serves are being butts and not recieving the e-mail.
Same thing happened with Khelia. She just made an account on g-mail and it went through
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Rita Tribe RP
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